The best companies go about building great products differently. We embed with your product development team and provide onsite engineering, mentoring, coaching and consultancy services so that you can impress your customers and have a huge impact on the market.

We have a proven track record in the development of leading products. We know, how great products are built, and we can help you build them, too.

Our full stack, end-to-end agile development team will bring cutting edge technology, fine-tuned development practices and processes in your business. Our holistic approach and mindset differentiate us from other consultancies and software development companies. Our engineers, product specialist, agile coaches won’t just talk about the best practices, but help you to build your own capability.

Think differently

To help you improve your process, and to help programmers notice mistakes as they code, we help them to shape their thinking. PepperLabs helps to start various engineering practices like pair programming and energized work. Help them to build an informative workspace and guide them to utilize root-cause analysis and even retrospectives.

Start real collaboration

We believe in collaboration and trust. By your team sit together, involve a real customer, hold stand-up meetings, follow coding standards, and demonstrate progress weekly. PepperLabs will augment in your tech team and help programmers coordinate with each other and prevent requirements defects.

Make releasing easy

PepperLabs help keep the code organized and clean by making the build run under ten minutes, implement a Continuous Integration pipeline, educate the programmers to use a version control system effectively. We encourage every programmer to take collective ownership of all the code.

Provide structure

We can provide structure and support for the other practices by the plan each release, hold planning sessions weekly. By focusing only on the next week's work and track the progress correctly, we can help programmers to estimate better.

Implement engineering practices

We help to improve design quality, reduce requirements defects, and provide a way for testers to be involved in defect prevention as well as defect detection. To achieve these results, PepperLabs introduce programmers to test-driven development (TDD), various refactoring techniques, train them on how to design software iteratively and simple.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Agile engineering and DevOps culture
  • Cutting edge CI/CD pipeline and cloud native platform
  • Introduction of engineering best practices like TDD and pair programming
  • Legacy code modernization
  • Minimum Viable Product workshops
  • Product discovery workshops
  • User story mapping
  • Product roadmap
  • Product development
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