„Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”
Successful companies have one thing in common: they have a great team! We understand that it's hard to hunt for engineering talent, so we did that for you!

Our company provides top technical talent to clients of all sizes. We believe that well-crafted software, delivered on time, on budget, leads to more leads and grows your business.

We build progressive, scalable, value-driven solutions that solve your problems. You will have enough time to focus on major things that influence your company.

Scope clarification, requirement defect prevention

Our full stack agile developer, and product management team is ready to jump into the early phase of the product development. We have years of experience in digital product development so that we can help you to find the most important feature sets and avoid unnecessary software components.

A bit foretaste for the practices what we use:

  • market research
  • user story mapping
  • UX/UI guidance
  • backlog creation
  • turning backlog into a roadmap

Frequent and early delivery

Once we get started the development, we prefer early and frequent delivery. We believe in collaboration and trust, so we involve our clients, hold stand-up meetings, follow coding standards, and demonstrate progress on demand, with a live demo of working software.

Responding to change

We know that a comprehensive plan is not a silver bullet in a rapidly changing environment. As we live the agile values, we welcome change at all times, even late in development. In this way, we can guarantee the customer gets exactly what they need, as well as gaining a competitive advantage. As you can see above we prioritize the features and functions early on in a project, however, we also know that it is critical to respond to the changed circumstances.


PepperLabs can help you to achieve nearly zero bugs. Your product solves a really difficult problem, has to meet performance and security requirements, with stable operation. The idea of "no bugs" probably sounds ridiculous. We'll admit: "no bugs" is an ideal to strive for, not something your product will necessarily achieve. You might think that improvements like this are terribly expensive. They're not. With the engineering practices that we use (pair programming, TDD, CI/CD) we are constantly striving to keep the number of bugs near zero.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Implement processes around code at scale
  • Bring state of the art architecture to your application
  • Reduce time to market
  • Technology Planning and Evaluation
  • Legacy code modernization
  • Proof of Concept Development
  • API Development
chill out, we've got this
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